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relief from chronic pain

"Recurrent back pain is a cage around life; you never know when you'll bang up against the bars and recoil in pain. The usual advice worked... for a while. But I felt it addressed symptoms not cause.

Structural Integration is different. It doesn't focus solely on the back but - in the hands of a master practitioner like Cintain - it analyses and treats the whole body, muscle group by muscle group as well as holistically. The systematic approach means my posture is better, my muscles stronger, and I can breathe more freely. It has retrained my body to feel less likely to break down. Thank you Cintain!

Chris, Medical Doctor 


quick results 

"I have been to many massage therapy sessions over the years, but my first session with Alex was the one that stood out more than any other. She combines a deep understanding of the human anatomy with a nice relaxed environment to give you both a very enjoyable and effective treatment. Her enthusiasm and desire to learn and train as much as she can really shows, and you will be able to feel the results immediately"

Sam Lanning, Software Engineer



"Without Alex's help I definitely would not have got through a full rowing season without injury. She was fantastic at professionally treating minor niggles before they developed further, diagnosing the problem and treating it with a range of techniques, with instantly great results!
I'm very grateful to Alex for all her help, and furthermore really enjoyed my treatment sessions!"

Joanna Green, Oxford University Women Lightweight Rowing Club 


Improved skin condition

"I was looking to have regular massage sessions once a month to work on some aches and pains I was having. Alex was hopeful that massage could ease my psoriasis. Not only was massage a massive help with the aches and pains, it was becoming very noticeable that my psoriasis was improving. After a handful of sessions my psoriasis has cleared up and is barely noticeable at all. So happy. 

Scott Walker, Gardener

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"The massage with Alex really did me well. I was super stressed from work and tired. My back hurt from sitting in an office chair in front of the computer all day long. When she massaged me my thoughts calmed down and my breath became deeper. All that strain fell off. After the massage I felt light again, completely relaxed and relieved. I wish I could have that every day!“ 

Stefanie Müller, Marketing Specialist


relief from back pain

Being a digital artist, I have to spend many hours in front of the computer, and I was looking for a therapist - actually for quite a long time - to treat my back pain. The trouble is that seemingly my back is made out of concrete, and nobody seemed to have the right technique to deal with it, and I tried at least 4-5 different therapists. Therefore I cannot tell how grateful I was to discover the specialised therapy of Alex, so far she is the only one who could really get rid of the pain."

Istvan Prem, 3D Artist