Available treatments


There are so many options out there… how to choose which technique or modality is right for you? At Healing Space we believe that each person requires a professional, personalised approach that relies on a variety of them, delivered professionally and respectfully. Below you will find a list of all the modalities we can offer to help you achieve balance and wellbeing.




Cintain Quintana, £70 (Approx. 1 hour) 

One of the oldest healing technologies of the World, acupuncture was developed in China over 2000 years ago. It is the basic tool of Chinese Medicine, which is still practised in China, Japan, and many other countries in the World today. Consisting of the insertion of very fine needles under the skin at precise locations, acupuncture balances and harmonises the various circulations of fluids, blood, and energy in the body, effectively treating a host of health conditions and improving symptoms and wellbeing in many others.


Clinical Massage

Alex Quintana, £60/£80 (1h/1.5H)

Clinical Massage can be useful in reducing chronic lower back back pain, restrictions in neck and shoulders due to sports activities or sedentary lifestyle. It can speed up recovery and help with regaining full strength following an injury. It may help with removing adhesions, muscle restrictions and reducing scar tissue. It can also prepare the body for strenuous activity as well as ease recovery. The treatment might include Deep Tissue Masssage, Muscle Energy Techniques, Soft Tissue Releases and Neuro-Muscular Techniques... 


Structural Integration (12-series)

Cintain Quintana, £70 (Approx. 1 hour) 

We live under a veritable waterfall of energy called gravity, which each of us must learn to negotiate in order to stand, walk, and move about. Unfortunately, most of us also carry the effects of events in our life in the form of scars, injuries, and poor postural habits, which make our constant struggle with gravity more difficult, sometimes painful. By bringing flexibility, suppleness, and a sense of presence and aliveness to the tissues that support us in space, Structural Integration can transform your experience of life from pain and constraint into freedom and comfort in all of life’s activities.


Craniosacral Work

Cintain Quintana, £70 (Approx. 1H)

Life is a dance between motion and stillness. Movement in the body, like in Nature, happens in spirals and waves, and sometimes it is the subtlest of movements (or lack, thereof) that can have the most profound impact on our sense of health and self. Developed from the tradition of osteopathy, Craniosacral work can be the key to releasing deep-seated discomforts and the somato-emotional effects of trauma through soft contacts with the bones and sutures of the skull, which harmonise the movements and pulsations inherent in each person’s natural metabolism.


Structural Bodywork (3-series)

Alex Quintana, £80 (1.5h)

Anatomy Trains 3 session series is all about re-discovering the connection with your own body and removing unhealthy compensations created by trauma, injury, surgery, childbirth or sedentary lifestyle. The goal of session 1 is balancing the feet and the pelvis as well as the assessment of the foot function and its influence on the rest of the body. Session 2 addresses the tensions within the rib cage and the shoulders. Session 3 focuses on releasing the spinal muscles, the neck and the head. This set of sessions is likely to continue changing your body for approx. 6 months. It’s advisable not to have any further myofascial work during that time to allow your body to arrive at its optimal shape before giving it more information to process.


Visceral Manipulation

Alex Quintana, £60 (1H)

Visceral manipulation is organ-specific fascial mobilization used in a treatment of recurring musculoskeletal pain, postural distortions and biomechanical dysfunction. VM was developed by Jean-Pierre Barral, one of the Time Magazine's Top Six Alternative Medicine Innovators to watch in the new millennium. It may help with chronic back, hip, knee pain, headaches, migraines, sciatica, repetitive strain injuries, vertigo, post surgical pain, digestive disorders including IBS, anxiety, depression and other emotional difficulties.